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Grass Roots

Global Collaborative Coaching

Down to earth conversations igniting long term change

Liz Bussey

Grass Roots Founder, Facilitator and Coach

Welcome to the Grass Roots Collaborative Coaching movement, where down to earth conversations ignite profound, long term change for us as individuals, as a family, as a culture and beyond. 


Each GR programme offers diverse, integrative and, most importantly, mutual learning opportunities for all ages. Our intentions at GR's is to support being and becoming a more consciousness, authentic human being in our ever-changing world. To learn how to connect more intimately with others and the environment, and to develop a more sustainable BodyMind health practice that allows us to actually be our true potential.

My professional background to date...


I am an international Collaborative Coach, Group Facilitator and Psychological Fitness Senior Teacher Trainer. I have integrative health practitioner experience, working relationally and professionally with others for over 25 years. 


On completing my degree in Education, I began my early coaching career as an NLP practitioner, Polestar UK Senior Educator, Supervisor and Functional Movement therapist. 


In 2014, I qualified as a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist, realising that supporting my clients’ integrally, particularly their psychological health and well-being, was my priority and so certified as a Human Potential Coach soon after. 


Over the past 2 decades, I have been a speaker at health and well-being conferences worldwide, whilst continuing my study of human consciousness through the lens of integral theory, evolutionary coaching and plant medicine.


Due to my curiosity as to “What it is to truly be well?”, I completed my Applied Functional Medicine in Practice training in 2017 and became a Self Actualisation Mentor with SOSA in 2019. 


I am currently participating in the Integral Advanced Facilitator track with Ten Directions, whilst continuing my coaching clinic offering personal development workshops and individual collaborative coaching sessions internationally.