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Meet Liz Bussey

International Human Potential Coach

Self Actualisation Mentor 

Psychological Fitness Specialist

Educational BodyMind Consultant

Health and Fitness Speaker

I’m an international Health Presenter, Life Teacher and BodyMind Specialist with experience spanning 20 years. My fascination with the untapped potential of the BodyMind led me to train initially as an NLP practitioner, Polestar Pilates Lead Educator and Functional Movement therapist. 

In 2000, I fine-tuned my professional expertise and became a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist. I realised my passion for supporting the psycho-emotional health and well being of my clients was a priority, and so qualified as a Human Potential Life Coach soon after. 

I witnessed that by facilitating the maturing and development of our mind’s perspectives, combined with allowing true presence in life’s every day, provides the ultimate opportunity for health to flourish and our deepest potential to emerge. This was powerfully reflected to me during my subsequent Permaculture Design Training and the Applied Functional Medicine in Practice training I completed in 2017.

In 2019, I completed the first global Self Actualisation Mentor training and Psychological Fitness Specialist training with Dr Mark Atkinson. I’m currently participating on the Teacher Training track of both these programmes. 

As the Director and Creator of the ‘Human Home Project’ and the ‘Ego Detox Programme’, I offer personal and professional development, life mentoring sessions to teachers and practitioners within the health and fitness industry - and also to the general public.


Why The Human Home Project?

It can help with

What is The Human Home?

This is ‘us’ -  our body, mind, heart, gut and much, much more. It’s the ONLY place that allows us to see, hear, smell, speak and breathe in everyday life. It’s how we choose to embody the 'BodyMind' that helps us to exist on this planet - right here, right now - and in an optimal way.

The Human Home is unique to all of us. To experience its full potential, we need to become accountable in getting to know it. We need to ‘be’ it, own it and live in it - completely. We need to explore its diverseness and gain wisdom from it. Our human forms have much to teach us.

Why is the Human Home important?

Many of us take our Human Homes for granted. We live mainly in one zone of our home - our head. Here, we frequently experience our ego chattering away like a narrator casting its spell. This constant flood of thoughts can make us feel disconnected, alone, stressed and in dis-ease, 24/7. But, if we pause and take time to discover and explore our Human Home, we’ll be able to engage with life in ways that we would never imagined were possible. 

How do we experience our Human Home?

We can only experience the totality of our Human Home in the present moment. Our journey towards it during Human Home Project mentoring sessions requires taking steps into the unknown. This can initially make us feel vulnerable. However, over time through our practice within life, each of the dimensions of ‘you’ will be transformed.

A few examples of Human Home Project experiences are:

  • Learning how to take charge of your mind and take full ownership of your Human Home, rather than the other way around.

  • Discovering how to trust and take better care of your Human Home, as this is the only one we have been gifted from life.

  • Aligning ourselves with the present moment and living an optimal way each day, every day.

What the Human Home Project will do for you?

The Human Home Project will help you to live life more mindfully and with true purpose. You’ll be able to spend each day in an aware presence that will bring you abundance in all aspects of your life. When you commit to a series of regular, bespoke mentoring sessions you’ll :

  • Be guided back to ‘You’.

  • Be encouraged to actively listen and become a-tuned to the untapped potential within your being.

  • Receive the necessary tools and resources to take greater care of your well being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The Human Home Key Principles

Sustainable - creating an optimal functioning human home (physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually) for a joyful present and inspiring future. 

Ethical - creating fulfilling values and authentic beliefs that support the longevity of our human home and therefore the home of the planet

Eco-friendly - becoming in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and live in alignment with the innate knowing of our own human home’s circadian clock (create improved sleep and wakeful practices).

Biodynamic - using 100% green, free-flowing energy in all areas of our human home, such as our brain, heart and gut for improved outer and inner body functioning (develop daily nutritional/eating practices).

Welcoming - creating inclusive, intimate and honest relationships within our human home and with those around us. 


"An amazing mentoring experience, an awakening! It is a gift you deserve to give to yourself!"


"The mentoring 'exercises' were extraordinarily powerful and have translated into real changes for me."


"After my sessions, I literally felt the weight fall off my shoulders, my thoughts and time slow down. I've discovered a new richness of observation of myself."


"The mentoring processes with Liz has given me the ability to step back and really connect with myself & my body so that I can be kinder to myself and relate better to those around me."


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