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Grass Roots

Global Collaborative Mentoring

The Peoples' Movement for Extraordinary Personal and Planetary Change.

Liz Bussey

Grass Roots Founder

I am a global Collaborative Coach and Psychological Fitness Specialist. I have health and well-being practitioner experience spanning over 20 years.


My fascination with the untapped potential of the BodyMind led me to train initially as an NLP practitioner, Polestar Pilates UK Lead Educator and Functional Movement/Manual therapist.


In 2000, I became a Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist. I realised my supporting of the clients’ psycho-emotional health and well-being was a priority and so qualified as a Human Potential Integrative Coach soon after.


By upgrading and expanding our mind’s perspectives, combined with our ability to live from presence, this provides the ultimate opportunity for health to flourish and our full potential to emerge.


This process was also made evident during my subsequent Permaculture Design Training and the Applied Functional Medicine in Practice training I completed in 2017.


In 2019, I completed the first global Self Actualisation Mentor training and Psychological Fitness Specialist training at the Psychological Fitness Academy.


I am currently completing the Teacher Training track of both these programmes.


In 2019, I founded Grass Roots - Global Collaborative Mentoring. Diverse life-skills programmes for individuals and groups, uniquely tailored for those wanting sustainable personal and planetary change.  Each GR experience supports the growth of both our human-ness and being-ness, influencing the degree to which we choose to live life honestly, relate to others intimately and the responsibility needed to care for planet earth.


The Grass Roots Movement orientates around The 3 P’s -


*    Personal Potential - supporting your emergence into the unique, optimally-minded, high-performing human being you are here to be.


*    People Potential - supporting the growth of fulfilling, lasting and intimate relationships between you and those around you.


*    Planetary Potential - supporting the urgent awareness and action needed to support a more sustainable and naturally ecologically rich planet.

Liz Bussey


Psychological Fitness Specialist Mentoring
The Human Home Project
The Ego Detox Workshop
Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy
Polestar Pilates UK Teacher Training/Mentoring

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