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The Human Home Project

Group Coaching


Embody the True Potential of Your Human Home.

What is HHPC?

This is ‘us’ -  our body, mind, heart, gut and much, much more. It’s the ONLY place that allows us to see, hear, smell, speak and breathe in everyday life. It’s how we choose to wear the 'BodyMind' suit that helps us to exist on this planet - right here, right now - and in an optimal way.


The Human Home is unique to all of us. To experience its full potential, we need to become accountable in getting to know it. We need to ‘be’ it, own it and live in it - completely. We need to explore its diverseness and gain wisdom from it. Our human forms have a lot to teach us.


Each Human Home Project consists of four 90mins online sessions, which take place over an 8 week period -


Session 1 - The Head and its Egoic Mind

Session 2 - The heart and its Emotional Intelligence

Session 3 - The Gut and its Instinct

Session 4 - The Vessel and its Total Consciousness

What will HHPC do for you?

The Human Home Project will help you to live life more mindfully and with true purpose. You’ll be able to spend each day in an aware presence that will bring you abundance in all aspects of your life. When you commit to a series of regular, bespoke coaching sessions you’ll :


•          Be guided back to ‘You’.

•          Encouraged to actively listen and become a-tuned to the untapped potential within your being.

•          Receive the necessary tools and resources to take greater care of your well being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The Human Home Key Principles


Creating an optimal functioning human home (physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually) for a joyful present and inspiring future. 


Creating fulfilling values and authentic beliefs that support the longevity of our human home and therefore the home of the planet.


Becoming in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and live in alignment with the innate knowing of our own human home’s circadian clock (create improved sleep and wakeful practices).


Using 100% green, free-flowing energy in all areas of our human home, such as our brain, heart and gut for improved outer and inner body functioning (develop daily nutritional/eating practices).


Creating inclusive, intimate and honest relationships within our human home and with those around us. 

Who is HHPC for?

HHPC is a personal and professional development programme specifically aimed at those in the health care and fitness industry - bodywork practitioners, movement therapists, teachers and students, sports therapists and coaches, personal trainers, GPs, nurses, athletes. You are also welcome to attend if you are a member of the public in a different profession to those that are listed.


Why is the HHPC important?

Many of us take our Human Homes for granted. We live mainly in one zone of our home - our head. Here, many of us experience our ego chattering away like a narrator casting its spell. This constant flood of thoughts makes us feel disconnected, alone, stressed and in dis-ease, 24/7. But, if we pause and take time to discover and explore our Human Home, we’ll be able to engage with life in ways that we’d never imagined were possible. 

How do we experience our Human Home?

We can only experience the totality of our Human Home in the present moment. Our journey towards it during Human Home Project coaching sessions requires taking steps into the unknown. This will initially make us feel a vulnerable. Over time, each of the dimensions of ‘you’ will be transformed.

A few examples of Human Home Project experiences are:


1: Learning how to take charge of your mind and take full ownership of your Human Home, rather than the other way around.


2: Discovering how to trust and take better care of your Human Home, as this is the only one we have been gifted from life. 


3 : Aligning ourselves with the present moment and living an optimal way each day, every day.

For the group HHPC programme online or in-person please contact me -

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