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The Ego Detox Workshop

Group Coaching

Cleanse Your Mind, Transform You!

What is EDW?

It is a personal and professional group development, life skills day for all. A perfect opportunity to cleanse your mind to ignite your true potential as an awakened, aware human being, student, teacher or professional in your field.

The Ego Detox experience will immerse you not only into a day of cutting-edge psychological health resources, but also a presence-based learning approach that will transport you from stressed to peaceful in seconds. An approach that you can immediately integrate into everyday life.

This experiential workshop focuses on building a conscious awareness of the inner world of your mind - highlighting the characteristics of your personal/surface mind, where limiting beliefs, unrealistic expectations and unhealthy habits can often reside. It will enable you to recognise these common human traits and most importantly help you to take the appropriate action, using the necessary insights, around your own personal script or story that might be limiting your ability to fully flourish in life.

The Ego Detox workshop is designed to support you in committing to becoming a true change-maker in the field of your own health and well-being.


Who is EDW for?

EDW is an in-person personal and professional group development programme specifically aimed at those in the health care and fitness industry - bodywork practitioners, movement therapists, teachers and students, sports therapists and coaches, personal trainers, GPs, nurses, athletes. You are also welcome to attend if you are a member of the public in a different profession to those that are listed.

Why do EDW?

So that you can…

  • Cleanse your mind by quietening your internal mental chatter, to then revive and re-align your BodyMind.

  • Be and become a conscious perceptive human being rather than a human doing.

  • Gain a truer and deeper sense as to who you really are and how to communicate this authentically to others.

  • Discover an internal stillness, peace and calm that will bring complete health and wellbeing both internally and externally.

  • Become receptive to life rather than reactive.

  • Appreciate difference and diversity between you and others.

  • Develop a mature mind that supports true self mastery within your field.

  • Identify your honest values/beliefs and let go of those that are not your own and therefore limiting.

  • Establish a stronger presence of purpose within your personal and professional life.

For further Ego Detox Workshop details, please contact me at -

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