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Psychological Fitness

Individual & Group Coaching

Become a Superconscious Being!

What is PFC?

Psychological Fitness Coaching is a profound opportunity for the growth of your personal wellbeing and human potential development to truly emerge.


Its fundamental aim being to support you in learning to work skilfully and mindfully with your BodyMind. 


To be able to live day to day from what is known as Optimal Mind, a state of effortless awareness (presence), wellbeing and continuous flow, all of which will support you to show up at your very best in every area of life.


Why do PFC?

So that you can...


Show up in any given moment as the potential you are meant to be.

Exist from an Optimal Mind of ‘effortless awareness/presence’.


Wisely navigate your internal state and therefore be able to track for stress, habits, emotions, perceptions and belief systems in ways that lead to a healthier state of wellbeing.

Quieten your mental chatter, (which often causes psychological anxiety, fear, anger, judgement, irritation, self-criticism and self-sabotage).

Evolve from an existence of exclusive, competitive human doing to become a more inclusive, welcoming and present human being.


Develop a sustainable and natural life flow of clarity, spaciousness, ease, intuitive knowing and compassion.


Manifest and sustain high levels of energy, focus and self regulation to avoid overwhelm, exhaustion and deteriorating health.


Become highly receptive rather than reactive by letting go of internal narrative, limiting beliefs, recycled thoughts  and resentments, and begin to communicate with confidence, truth and passion.


And finally, develop a healthy, honest and intimate relationship within you and with those around you.


Who is PFC for?

We as human beings have an Optimal Mind, therefore Psychological Fitness Coaching is relevant to us all! Our health, performance, relationships, quality of life, happiness and future are dependent on the functioning of our mind. 


PFC is offered 121 and also as an 8 week group programme.

For 121 or group PFC sessions online or in person please contact me -

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